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The obvious things that most people would think about when thinking about fathers is their role as a provider, protector and disciplinarian.

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A lot, if not most men are not very good at communicating their emotional feelings, so it may be difficult for their child to know exactly how their father feels about them.

Some fathers want to be good Dads and role models for their sons so that their sons in turn can also be good Fathers and men too.



As protectors of their children, Dads can help their children protect and look after themselves in different situations, not just through self-defence, but for example through survival techniques when out camping.

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Being the father of daughters can open a man’s eyes to the inequalities and injustices that girls and women face in the world.




However, we live in a modern ever-changing world and parenting roles are interchangeable.

Hats off to the men who decide to become stay at home Dads. They have to overcome ugly stereotypical opinions of lack of status or contempt from other wage-earning men and women. Like women who stay at home to raise children, they can face long periods of isolation being away from other adults. However, they do get to share in the bigger role and pleasure of parenthood. Apart from the unexciting tasks like cooking and cleaning, they get to bath their children and some fathers even want and like to do their daughter’s hair. For stay at home Dads or single fathers with daughters, they can find themselves in challenging situations for example if they have to take their daughters to places like dance classes which is predominately a female pastime and where the majority of the parents are Mums. Stay at home Dads get the opportunity to look after the children when they are sick and to attend doctor’s appointments.

Fathers can also get the chance to have or re-live a second childhood through play, wrestling, football, playing dinosaurs and even joining in tea parties or reading stories. They too can enjoy watching their child grow and achieve a new milestone.

So, just like Mum’s, Fathers can also build strong bonds and can create happy memories for their children.

Regardless of whether they go out to work in a full-time job, or whether they are a stay at home Dad (which is also a full-time job), a father’s role can help their children grow into healthy, good, happy people.

A man can be strong but being a father can help to make a man become more sensitive and compassionate. These qualities contribute not just to making a good father but also a better man.

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