A kiss for mum

Much of what Mothers do or have done for us seems to be taken for granted. They have been there for us since day one, but we don’t  seem to praise them or show them gratitude often enough. I Know that not all relationships are perfect and not everyone has a wonderful childhood. My relationship with my Mother is not perfect but I still love and respect her. I am sorry and sad for those who have had troubled childhoods and troubled relationships with their Mother. However, I like to think that on the whole most good Mothers do the best that they can.

If you were asked to consider what your Mother has done for you, I’m sure that initially you may struggle with your thoughts and only come up with just a small list of things. However, if you dig deeper and think harder the memories will soon start flooding back. Many of us can think of specific examples of when our Mums were there for us or did something that made our life better and happier.

I have listed below, many praiseworthy qualities and characteristics that good Mothers have.  The list serves as a reminder of things that they have done for us and the effects that these things have on us. Good Mothers do not do the things they do because they demand recoginition or a medal or eternal thanks, they do what they do simply out of love.

Birth Mother   11 Adoptive mother 


1. Mothers are selfless. Without any regrets they sacrifice many of their own wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. Some put their careers on hold or sacrifice their careers in order to nurture us when we are young and then guide us into adulthood. In the early years of a child’s life, a Mother’s personal social life can be non-existent and as their child gets older, their child may have more of a social life than the Mother.

2. They love and nurture us as babies when we cannot do things for ourselves

 nurturing baby

They feed us, do endless nappy changes, bath us etc and help us develop. It is claimed that giving a child love and affection actually helps a child's brain develop and this in turn gives them a better ability to learn and makes them smarter. 

 3. They protect us from life’s initial accidents or dangers.

   mother protecting her child

4. They care for us. When we are hurt or sick they nurse us. When we are feeling upset, down, anxious or low they try their best to make us feel better - they will always go that extra mile to help us or to get us the help that we need.

     3 a sick child     3 an upset child   


5. They teach us.
• From the very beginning, they will invest what they can in the things that will help  to promote positive outcomes for us. For example they will buy us toys and they will play with us. They help us learn through play.  Play helps us to develop social skills. Play also helps us learn to share and encourages us to be imaginative, artistic and creative.

Baby playing on the floor Toddlers playing together Mother playing with her child children playing together


• They help teach us to read, write and draw even before we start school.         

Child learning to draw 4 reading and playing together painting

• They teach us to have confidence and to believe in ourselves.
• They set boundaries for us and teach us right from wrong.


5 child being told off

• They continue to take an interest in our education at school and help us with our homework

6. They discipline us so that we learn how to behave and become self-disciplined.

7. They  create happy childhood and adult memories for us. For example:
• They read us bedtime stories
• They make outfits for school plays and then they come and watch us perform.
• They  plan and organise birthday parties for us.
• They plan treasure hunts for us
• They take us out on adventures or on outings like trips to: a park, a playground, the Zoo, the funfair, museums, the theatre.
• They arrange family holidays.

 7 out for a bike ride fun by the pool  girl sitting on a suitcase

 All these memories help us grow into happy, confident and responsible adults.

8. They are multi-skilled multi-taskers who plan, organise and juggle lots of things whilst looking after everyone in the family.

9. They shower us with hugs and kisses and give us unconditional love.

 8 huggs and kisses 

10. They are our first friend, they are compassionate and sympathetic.

11. They are proud of us and always want the best for us. Although they may have a preference for what we will do when we are grown up adults, ultimately, they don’t care, as long as we are not harming someone or breaking the law  they just want us to be happy.
9 Another proud mother

12. Our Mothers have an enormous impact on us, and we are who we are to a large extent because of them.

 mother and daughter moment

13. Mothers are role models. They are a source of inspiration, they are strong, loving, selfless, kind, patient, tolerant, understanding, and forgiving - to name but a few qualities. Has anyone ever asked you if  you have a super-hero? My Mum is my super-hero, when I was a child she even had eyes in the back of her head!

14. Mums never stop, even when they are tired or having a bad day they never stop looking after us, they just get on with it. Even when we don’t show our appreciation they still love and support us.

I acknowledge that not all mothers are good and that some mothers are severely lacking (to put it in nice terms), but that does not mean that because of them we should not celebrate the good mothers.

I have written this article in recognition and as a tribute to good Mothers all over the world. To Mothers both young and old, to those who are present, those who have passed, birth Mothers and Mothers who have adopted. Good Mothers deserve respect, admiration and gratitude for devoting themselves to their children and doing more for them than anyone else.

mother and daughter hug

A Mother’s love is special and her kind of love should absolutely be celebrated, not just one day, but on any day throughout the whole year. 

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