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The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was so eventful with so many breath-taking moments. Here are 10 of my favourite touching moments and highlights.

1. Two Princes standing side by side

It was lovely to watch Prince William both literally and figuratively standing by Prince Harry’s side. The two brothers had emerged from a Mercedes and walked down the path to St George’s chapel, smiling and waving to the crowd on the way. Inside the chapel, at times Harry appeared to be nervous and William could be seen chatting to him and telling jokes to try and calm his nerves. It was a real display of brotherly support.

2. The Wedding Dress

The rumours before the wedding were that the dress was going to be elaborately embellished with hand sewn beads. Contrary to the prediction that I had made in my article about The Fairy-tale Wedding of the year, there was no sparkle or long flowing ballgown. Instead, the dress was very simple and understated. Made from silk, it had long sleeves and a bateau neckline and was very fluid. Initially I was a bit disappointed by the lack of sparkle but the dress quickly “grew on me.” In it’s modesty, it still managed to be very stylish and very regal. It conveyed romance and displayed a sense of effortless glamour whilst also showing off a very demure looking bride.

The veil was also the train, it was a “monarch length”16 feet long. The edges had 53 flowers representing each of the commonwealth countries embroidered around it.

For the evening reception at Frogmore house Meghan wore a white halter neck dress designed by Stella McCartney. It was very glamourous and flattering

3. Endearing Prince Harry’s tearful moment

At one point during the hymn “Guide me O thou Great Redeemer” Prince Harry wiped a tear from each eye and I wondered if he was thinking of his mother. The hymn was played at his mother’s funeral and it was one of her favourites. 

4. Mother of the bride – proud, gracious and dignified received a warm welcome from Prince Charles

Mother of the Bride - Doria Ragland, was thrown into the limelight. She travelled to the chapel with her daughter Meghan Markle in a maroon coloured Rolls-Royce. It was a 2 ½ mile drive down the splendid “The Long Walk”- which leads up to the castle. Occasionally, Doria beamed with joy as they passed the thousands of people who were cheering and waving union Jack flags.

At the chapel Doria sat on her own but she looked very proud. There were times when she appeared to be SOOO overwhelmed by it all and was holding back the tears. However, she managed to look very composed and very dignified.

When it was time to sign the register. I was very touched when she reached out to Prince Charles and he took her hand as they went to sign the register.

5. My favourite song

“If ye love me” by Thomas Tallis. Sang by the choir of St George’s Chapel it sounded heavenly and angelic.

6. My favourite music

“Ave Maria” played by 19-year-old cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason who was accompanied by a harp and violins. He played very professionally and the music was surreal. It was breath-taking and the atmosphere was just like the background music to a romantic movie – what a fantastic touch.

7. The first moments Harry and Meghan emerged as a married couple

Harry and Meghan walked elegantly hand in hand down the isle of the chapel to emerge into the sunshine and to a rapturous reception from the waiting crowd. It was their first public appearance and they looked very happy and very relaxed.

8. The carriage procession

At the steps of the chapel Harry and Meghan had their first public kiss. They had a second kiss in an open carriage, which was a delight for the crowd who had not seen the first kiss. As they processed through the streets of Windsor - escorted by mounted soldiers from the royal house of cavalry - there was not a cloud in the sky. The weather was perfect for a display of British Pomp and Pageantry. The town was lined with bunting and amongst the crowds there was a sea of British flags being waved along with the occasional stars and stripes flag. The crowd was happy for the couple and also happy to be a part of the celebration.

9. The mini attendants - the Page boys and Bridesmaids.

Unconventionally, rather than a Matron of Honour, it was twin page boys who tended to Meghan’s veil at the steps of the chapel and in so doing they looked very gallant. As the Page Boys and Bridesmaids followed Meghan up the isle it was like a picture perfect fairy-tale. Inside the Chapel, when they reached the arch where Meghan was to meet Prince Charles, I had to smile as the smallest bridesmaid clambered up the steps with her little feet. Amongst the page boys and bridesmaids was Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The little ones looked so adorable.

10. Finally - I just loved watching Harry and Meghan

Initially this couple may have been worlds apart, but they still had things in common. Meghan, a charming independent young lady. Harry, a charming fun-loving rascal, who is down to earth, brave, full of spirit and tenacity. Both have strong work ethics, morals and principals. They work hard and give back to society, especially though their work for charities.

Harry is a modern royal who is not afraid to express his feelings in public. His love for Meghan is reflected in the way he looks at her, the way he holds her hand and the words he used when he fell for her. He said, “The stars are aligned.”

Fortune and the sun was literally shining on them on their wedding day. It was obvious that they were both radiantly happy. Throughout their wedding service there were several moments where they only had eyes for each other.

It was a picture perfect fairy-tale, about a real love story. Beautiful and spectacular, a joy to watch.

Most fairy-tales end with the words “the end.” However, for Harry and Meghan this is just The Beginning!




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