Welcome to “an occasional blog”.

This site was created by me - Grace and I live in London - UK. Being new to blogging I chose the name "an occasional blog" because I knew that initially, (whilst working behind the scenes, learning code and building the structure of this website) I would not be able to blog on a regular basis. The website name does however also have a double meaning. In a world that can sometimes be a bit gloomy, I wanted "a happy place of positivity". This blog is therefore:

An Occasional Blog about special or memorable occasions or events


It is about celebrating and appreciating moments in life.

As this is a new website it will be growing and evolving. If you want, you can keep up with the latest site additions and updates by subscribing.

So, if you have something special or memorable to celebrate and you are looking for inspiration or ideas or you just simply want something upbeat to read then please stop by - you are always welcome.





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