It’s Christmas Season!


For many people, Christmas is regarded as the most magical time of the year. Seasonal sights sounds and smells transform the end of each year to a cheery Christmas ambience.

It’s the time for spirits to be lifted. A time for carols, nativity plays, Christmas pantomimes and Christmas movies.

In many homes there is excitement as decorations and Christmas trees go up complete with fairy lights and tinsel. People are looking forward to celebrating, feasting, and having fun.

Shop windows are filled with festive displays and within the shop walls there is a buzz in the air as shoppers shop to the sound of Christmas Carols playing in the background.

For business people this is a time to cash in. With the seasonal arrival of TV Christmas adverts, there are those who may be thinking that the religious meaning of Christmas (the celebration of the birth of Jesus – God’s gift to mankind) is often lost or intertwined with commercialism.

If you like giving gifts, whether you choose to spend lots of money or not is your choice.

For those who can afford to splurge at Christmas, their wealth helps stimulate the economy, albeit for a short period.

For those who choose to be more frugal, you can still celebrate without breaking the bank, you don’t have to “shop till you drop.” If your planning is right or if you are lucky you can always find a bargain somewhere.

Regardless of religious faith or other beliefs, Christmas is a good time for people to get together with people they love. Many parents are able to leave behind the stress of work and spend quality time with their children.

Despite the commercialisation, the majority of people have grasped the idea that Christmas is and always has been the season of giving, a time for family and for thinking about others.

Behind the bright lights and distorting noise of the cash registers of commercialism, the underlying messages of Christmas are still there – Goodwill, Charity, Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope.




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