A holiday is a time to switch off from work and the daily chores of life. It’s a time to catch up on sleep and rest. It is also a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones a chance to create and experience happy lasting memories.

During the summer period when the weather should be at it’s best, we can choose to holiday in our home land.

Alternatively, we can choose to holiday abroad in a sunnier and hotter climate where we can just relax on a beach and bask in the glorious sun. Or, we can holiday abroad in a cooler climate where we can still have fun - for example a skiing holiday. Apart from the chance to experience different cuisines and a different environment, a holiday abroad can be a natural and effortless way to enhance one’s general knowledge about another country’s history, culture and traditions.

Whether we choose to holiday at home or abroad, a holiday can provide us with mental and physical health benefits whilst we indulge in recreation, leisure, pleasure and tourism.